2018 Mercedes C300 Leases

Get detailed information about Mercedes C300 car to take a Lease

Mercedes has dominated the luxury vehicle market segment for several decades due to two reasons. Maintaining high quality and producing car designs that are easy on the eye. The Mercedes C300 contains a modern high-performance engine and a stunning race car-themed interior. With so much amazing features, you can’t go wrong when signing a Mercedes C300 lease.

Why is the Mercedes C300 such a popular choice for individuals looking to lease luxury sedans?


  • Incredible design


If you’re looking for compact size, this is definitely a suitable choice. The Mercedes C300’s length falls within the normal range of other models in the C series. This makes it an ideal family car or company vehicle for executives. You’ll love the sleek trapezoid-shaped headlights that increase the Mercedes C300 aesthetic appeal.

It’s slanting hood makes the Mercedes C300 appear wider from the front. This vehicle has a modest trunk in order to emphasize it’s stretched hood.


  • Automatic Transition Paddles


One limitation of using conventional gear shafts is they tend to get stuck. Mercedes C300 owners shift gears by pushing an automatic gear transition paddle near the steering wheel.  Unlike its predecessor, the automatic transition paddles never get stuck. Its ease of use makes driving pleasurable for novice drivers.


  • Automatic Fuel saving Mode


Have you heard about the ECO Start/Stop System? This feature helps drivers stuck in traffic jams to save fuel by switching off their motor vehicles’ engines.

The Mercedes C300 runs on a 2.0-liter, 4-turbo engine. Obviously, this is a large engine with high fuel consumption demands.  Relying on the ECO Start/Stop system helps you to save fuel hence covering longer distances for less.


  • Dynamic Multi-mode selection


Assume you only have 20 minutes to get from home to the office for an important presentation. While it may seem challenging to ordinary sedan owners, the Mercedes C300 can get you there in just 10 minutes. It takes just 5.8 seconds for the Mercedes to accelerate from 0-60 MPH.

If you are going on a long road trip, you can reduce driving time by activating either the Sports or Sports+ mode.


  • Large high-resolution screens


Do you have to squint your eyes whenever looking at your vehicle’s GPS screen?

Getting a Mercedes C300 lease will improve your navigation experience thanks to its amazing crystal-clear displays.  You won’t have to squint whenever typing new destinations on the COMAND 8.4 inch screen. Once you get your Mercedes C300 lease, you’ll receive free map updates for three years.


  • Inbuilt WIFI hotspot


The Mercedes C300 contains a 4G-enabled WIFI hotspot. This makes it easier for drivers to locate the nearest restaurant, shopping mall or pub. Passengers can stream videos conveniently using this high-speed internet.

Get your Mercedes C300 lease today

In addition to a wide array of entertainment features, the Mercedes C300 has effective safety features. Once your lease expires, you can add this impressive German machine to your collection by purchasing it a reasonable price from your car dealer.

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